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livejournal, myspace, facebook...blah blah

once upon a time there was livejournal, with our daily ramblings, complaints and other adventures of life. Then myspace hit and we all flocked to it, until it mutated. Then facebook hit and we all flocked to that site. I am bored with facebook, kinda.

blogs seem like you should have a story or a point.

twitter lacks interactions.

tumblr is well someplace to have a visual overload.

so what about livejournal?
I wonder if I could get back into it...just to ramble. OH dear diarrhea of the head.

new Monster SKIRT!


Model: Alamilla
yup! that is a new frankie skirt! Right now it is only on one of my retail stores:
Angry Young and Poor

worn out

I am so so so....worn out. formulating words has become a challenge. I am going to now just grunt like a cave-woman.


I am so exhausted. on every level. metal...physical...blah...blah.
having trouble getting the energy...to response to messages and such...time for an early bed time.

night. over and out.

a few photos from my last photoshoot!

I recently modeled for Sara Press (http://www.sarapress.com) for some stock photos!
also had the pleasure of modeling with my husband and Delano (Sara's 1 year old son!)
Sara took so many wonderful picture....but here are a few of my favorites....

MUA: Marissa Freeman

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