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Jami Deadly & Zombie Kitten

ok...it is late new but:
Thank YOU SO MUCH to ultra tallented Jami Deadly and for the photos the talented: Cinema Photography!

AND...if you have not checked out "Deadly Cinema" yet...YOU need too! ---> http://www.myspace.com/deadlycinema

I on the cover!

..of tattoo savage this month! yeah!




some more pulp photos:
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2 and 1/2 hour drive...

..for a photoshoot! It was great fun. :)

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Oct. 9th, 2006

going out of town... from Oct 10th to Oct 23rd. eeeppp

back in the saddle

I rode and competed on horses for 10 years of my life.
Sold my bestfried Casey before I went out of state to college...gwash I miss that horse. I use to whistle at him while he was in the pasture and 8 out of 10 times he would come running. 2 out of 10 times he would come walking.

any ways... I dream about being on the back of a horse...ridding. last night was one of those nights.

Sometimes me and the hubby go to one of those place were you "rent a horse" and go on a guided trail ride. the only down fall to those places is your locked into one speed. walking. all for insurance purposes...of course. I understand. but long to do a nice canter.

today we vistited on of those "rent-a-horse" places....but this time walking was not the only speed. *THANK GOD* the guild asked if we were up to "running" (oh cringe...a horse does not run. it walks, trots, canters or gallops) there was only 2 beginners...my hubby and this other guys boyfriend.... and so we did for short spurts canter that is....and it was GREAT.

Oh I so miss Casey.